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To make the most advanced and decentralised technologies available to everyone so that we can all improve the way we interact with each other and with our environment.



The Alvearium community will lead the humanization of the metaverse through the use of the most disruptive technologies,.
Human beings will be able to reproduce sensory experiences beyond space-time that will allow us to improve our way of living and building relationships.




Use of the best practices seeking the highest quality.


Positive attitude to work with perseverance and determination.


Adaptation to the continuous changes of this disruptive world.


Collaboration and cooperation to create value and multiply productivity.


Transparency, loyalty and honesty as factors of value creation.


Vision to promote new ideas and apply continuous improvement.


Faithful and collaborative with a focus on social responsibility.

Token Sale

Information for the investor

Fungible Token ALVY

Alvearium’s economy will be developed through the use of the ALVY token.

This utility token will be based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standards (smart contract imported from the OpenZeppelin library).


Alvearium will make use of Blockchain technology to build a transparent, tamper-proof, autonomous and secure platform.

The Polygon (layer 2 of Ethereum) blockchain network will provide great scalability due to its high processing speed and low transaction cost.

At the same time, the advantages offered by the popular Ethereum network will be maintained.

Environmental impact

Polygon’s commitment to sustainability will allow Alvearium reduce its carbon footprint while providing a low cost and secure blockchain.

Alvearium GTE Foundation

The Alvearium GTE Foundation channels Alvearium’s actions and projects with the purpose of generating a positive social impact.


Our team develops and collaborates with both social entrepreneurship projects and philanthropic donations.


To achieve this, the Foundation will rely on the technology, the team and the collaborations achieved by Alvearium as well as the social, economic and cultural ecosystem created by the Alvearium community.


The projects will be financed using the GTE Token, which can be obtained by performing specific actions within Alvearium, as well as purchase it with ALVY.

Create positive impact by collaborating with both social entrepreneurship projects and philanthropic donations.


⚡Education and Culture

⚡Health, Sports and Wellness

⚡Resource Management, Nature and Sustainability.

⚡Architecture and Urban Mobility.

⚡Equality, Inclusion and Governance.

⚡Development Cooperation

⚡Society, Innovation and Technology.

The team
behind Alvearium

In 2021, a young entrepreneur, together with a team of great professionals who share, among other values, the ambition and purpose of generating impact in the world, form the founding team of Alvearium.

Luis Manuel Fernández

Executive Management

José Miguel Fernández


Pol Echarri

Talent Management

Luis Martín


Dimitri Lobato

Blockchain & Innovation

Oscar Escallada

Extended Reality

Alejandro Ansodi


Meet our


Phase I Resources

🚀 Team
🚀 Partners
🚀 Web
🚀 ALVY Token Creation
🚀 Alvearium GTE Foundation
⚡ Marketing & Community
⚡ Financing

Phase II Social Network

Interactive 3D Spaces
Sale NFTs Assets
Social Network
VR Cities Development

Phase III Metaverse

Partnership Avatar & Wearables
Partnership VR|AR Devices
Immersive Experiences

Phase IV Smart Cities

Simulation of Smart Cities (Digital Twins)


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